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1500 W Chemical-free Wallpaper Removal Steamer with 1 Gallon Reservoir

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This wallpaper steam remover is a professional & portable steamer!   This wallpaper steam remover features large capacity (4.5 L), ensuring quite a long working time. It is a safe, chemical-free method to remove wallpaper. The steamer removes all types of wallpaper, multiple layers of wallpaper and even wallpaper that has been painted-over. The steamer uses simple tap water for operation and for clean-up. When compared to chemical strippers this steamer can be used again and again, making it extremely cost-effective & eco-friendly.   If you are looking for the wallpaper steam remover, don't hesitate to buy it!   Easy way to remove vinyl, painted, and multiple layers of wallpaper Tap water only, helps you keep distance with chemical ingredients Can hold up to 4.5 liters of water to run for up to 180 continuous minutes 10 ft. hose plus 6.8 ft. Cable, provides long reach to clean floors or tall areas Versatile, multipurpose steamer reaches up to 212 °F (100 °C) to clean solid household surfaces The built-in handle on the steam plate, allows for easy, one-handed operation Versatile use for soil sterilization, weeds killing and vinyl floor tiles removal